Sunday, November 24, 2013

New CT Tag for Artistically Inclined Licensing "Crimson Snow"

PTU CT Tag and Tut
Crimson Snow

Happy Sunday  everyone!!  Here is a new tut for you called Crimson Snow.  I used a PTU scrapkit  from Jackie's Jewels which you can purchase at Artistically Inclined Licensing.  You can find the scrapkit here Here  I also used the amazing art of Carlos Cartagena which you can purchase at Artistically Inclined Licensing Here
 You must have a license to use his art.

PSP - I use 9 but any version should work.
No Mask
Scrapkit: Crimson Snow by Jackie's Jewels at Artistically Inclined Licensing
Tube of Choice
I used Carlos Cartagena at Artistically Inclined Licensing
Font: Santa's Sleigh
This tutorial was written by me, November 24, 2013.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.  Please do not claim it as your own.

Ok let's begin. 

Open a new canvas 600x600
Copy and paste Frame 2 resize as needed and Drop shadow of choice.  I used 2,2,50,5.00.
Copy and paste Frame 5, resize as needed and drop shadow.  Place frame 5 over top frame 2.
Use your magic wand and click inside of Frame 5 and modify, expand by 20.
Copy and paste paper of choice, I used Paper 5.  Invert and delete.  Make sure you put your paper under both frames.  While still selected, copy and paste close up tube of choice and place where you like and invert and delete.  Then use Porcelain on your tube after you drop shadow.

Copy and paste flower scatter and place under your frames and paper.  Place to the upper left of your tag.  Duplicate and mirror.  Merge down and duplicate and then flip.  Merge down and drop shadow.
Now back to the top.  Here are the elements I used:
Snowflake Deco
Winter Day WA
You can use whatever elements you like, resize and place as desired. Drop shadow all elements.
Copy and paste your main tube, resize as needed and place as desired.

Add your copyrights and your name.
I used Santa's Sleigh for the name.
Merge all visible and save as PNG.
And your done.  Hope you enjoyed using my tutorial.


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