Saturday, January 18, 2014

New PTU Tutorial for Stu Kidd @ Creative Crazy Scraps "Ocean Dreams"

CT PTU Tut for Stu Kidd
New CT Tag and Tut for Stu Kidd.
Artist: Ted Hammond @ Creative Design Outlet
Scrapkit: Stu Kidd @ Creative Design Outlet

Hey  everyone!!  Here is a new tut for you called Ocean Dreams.   I used a PTU scrapkit  from Stu Kidd from Creative Crazy Scraps which you can purchase at The CDO Store.       I also used the amazing art of Ted Hammond which you can purchase at the CDO Store
 You must have a license to use his art.

PSP - I use 9 but any version should work.
Mask: Mask of Choice
Scrapkit: PTU Kit by Stu Kidd at Creative Design Outlet which you can purchase here
Tube of Choice
I used Ted Hammond at Creative Design Outlet
This tutorial was written by me, January 22, 2014.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.  Please do not claim it as your own.

Ok let's begin. 
Open a new canvas 600x600
Copy and Paste Element Frame 1 resize and place where desired. Click inside frame and expand by 5.  Copy and paste paper 3, invert and delete.  Put paper under frame.  While still selected, copy and paste close up tube, resize as needed, place where desired.  Invert and delete.  Drop shadow frame and tube.On the bottom layer copy and paste Paper 3 and apply your mask.
 Now you can place whatever elements you would like, resize as needed and place where desired.  Dropshadow your elements and main tube.  Here are the elements I used:
Element 2
Element 3
Element 4
Element 5
Element 6
Element 7
Element 9
Element 10
Element 12
Element 14
Element 15
Element 17
Element 18
Element 20
Word art 1

Add your copyrights and your name.
I used Fire Of OCEAN for the name.
Merge all visible and save as PNG.
And your done.  Hope you enjoyed using my tutorial.


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